A Ring-Ting-Ting-A-Ling

Alrighty, so It has been a minute since I’ve done a blog so I figured it’s about time. Being home has been great! I was so eager to get back and be with friends and family again. Ever since I have gotten back the mother has been turning me into her personal Cinderella aka slave. Especially once she had her shoulder surgery. One day she expected me to get on my hands and knees to clean the floor. Had to remind her that she wasn’t the only one injured haha Can’t let her get too carried away now that I’m back. 😉 I have been doing my rehab in Ames with my old trainer at Iowa State. She’s an absolute beaut! I don’t know what I would do without her.  I mean how old is too old to be using the ISU facilities? I feel like i gave my soul for 4 years sooo… hopefully not till I am done pursuing my basketball career haha I guess I will know when they change the code to the practice facility on me. 

I have only been able to do rehab in the pool up until this past week. I was super excited to be able to start up with ladders and agility work. Not being able to really shoot around or play for a bit definitely has rejuvenated me and made my love of the game all that much more. Not being able to do something for so long makes you appreciate it all that much more. Told you things happen for a reason! I’ve been going out and visiting with old friends in Ames. I officially have started gaining back my oh so awesome dance moves 😉 jk i’m very much lacking in that department but I try. 

It’s weird being back in my hometown/Ames and getting asked questions like why am i back, when am I going back to Australia, when I’m going to San Antonio, when will I be done with school. Figured I would just answer most of those questions in this blog.

Yes I am OFFICIALLY a BUM. I live at home with my parents at the moment! Woo woo i’m real cool these days. :-p, Just 2 weeks after i was back my Dad was already like soo.. when you finally going to get a job? You can go work at Caseys. ( He thinks he’s a funny man) My personal favorite question is when I get asked what my “plan” is and my only response is rehab. Then they are like “what else?” haha I feel like the biggest bum ever not really knowing what I’m going to do exactly besides rehab for the next few months. I mean I am fine with the uncertainty at the moment. I know it will all work out eventually. But in the meantime I stay in ames for about 3 days out of the week for rehab. I couch bounce among my old teammates and my hockey bros at Iowa State. Good thing I’m not “that old” yet, still got me some pretty freak’n awesome friends left at school. I don’t think they are too tired of me yet. I try to mix the places I stay up. I mean I’ve only been intentionally locked out of the apartment once…. (I’m talking about you all: Ashley, Hallie, Elly) haha! It was a joke…. I think. :-/ They were laughing? The way I see it i’m just making up for lost time this past year.

I plan to get a place in Ames for the summer since rehab is right there on the top of my priority list. Probably will do some individual lessons back in Aplington-Parkersburg for whatever kids want it one or two days out of the week. We will see. I’m thinking about running a 2-day basketball camp in the summer in A-P. Maybe trying to do a little physical therapy observation during the summer to stay on track towards my Pre-PT major for when I decide to pursue that route again. That wont be for a few years yet. I’m can’t imagine giving up this basketball dream just yet. I’m hoping that my experience with this injury will help me get into grad school someday. So yes I did graduate and get my Bachelors in Kinesiology. All I have left is grad school someday and ISU doesn’t have that for the career I want to pursue. It also requires about 3 full, constant years of dedication so I can’t just take classes here and there. 

I initially was supposed to go to training camp for San Antonio in May to try out and fight for a spot on the team again. But that plan got put on hold due to my ACL reconstruction. I am hoping that when I have been cleared and am completely healthy again that they might call me back if they have a spot open by then. But that is just what I am hoping hope. Relying in that “hope & pray” method at the moment. I mean that method worked pretty darn well when it came to starting my car in the negative degree weather when I got back to this frozen tundra. Turn the key… doesn’t start… sit for a bit… say a lil prayer.. turn key… doesn’t start…moment of silence.. turn key… STARTS… 30 second dance party. I personally think it worked GREAT! But dear Dad, if your reading this, I know i’m grown but a new car would be great 😉 If not, thats fine, I didn’t want one anyway. Let’s just say I’ll probably be the one picking your/mom’s retirement home…. just think on it. 

As for Australia, I wouldn’t mind going back to the land of Oz. I absolutely loved it! But if I did, I don’t know what team that I would be going to. I am currently under no long term commitment to the Boomer team I once was with. I wouldn’t mind going over to Europe where the money is better and it would be fun to do a bit more traveling to areas I haven’t been to yet. I also strive to get better so going over to Europe may provide me with different challenges on the court and more competition. 

So far I’m loving life. Still trying to blaze my trail and find myself. I’m not too worried. I’m surrounded by so many great people. I have no complaints. For now, I will sit back, have a beer and watch all my senior friends go through their last semester midlife identity crisis’s before they are booted out into the big ole world. I remember those days. Poor kids. In the meantime, hope you all have a blessed week! 

Psalm 16:11 You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forever. The Lord will show you what to do and instruct you how to live. Your responsibility is to stay focused on His will.

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