My name is Chelsea Poppens. I am a former WNBA player for the San Antonio Silver Stars, overseas professional, and Alumni of the Iowa State Cyclones. I played pro ball overseas and have had quite the journey with 3 knee surgeries under my belt since I started. Although it's been an injury prone journey, I am loving and learning every minute of this imperfect, emotional, rollercoaster of a journey.  My faith is what fuels my blogs and my life. It is what has gotten me through the rough times where my pain seemed endless and too much to handle. It is what's at the roots of who I am, when I feel there's nothing left of me to give.  My life is complicated, imperfect, difficult at times, but extremely rewarding in the end. Every obstacle, person I've met, and encounter has molded me into the strong-willed, open-minded, independent woman I am today. I wouldn't change it for the world. This is simply a compilation of updates on my life, along with random thoughts and feelings. I'm just a real person with real feelings who knows i'm not the only one out there feeling them.