Athletes In Action: Mission Trip to Ivory Coast…

In the last blog I posted, I wrote about investing in yourself so that you may be able to see things from a better perspective, increase your value, and be able to help others with that value. I wrote about how new experiences and meeting new people from all over open new doors within you... Continue Reading →


I love You, Right Where You Are…

Chasing Hands By: Chelsea Poppens Time never stops. It's always ticking, Forever winding. Do you watch, waiting for it to stop? Yet, even when your clock ceases, Time still keeps ticking. Blazing a straight path forward, Never to backtrack. Not sparing you a glance once it's lost you. Along the way you stumble, Stuck forever... Continue Reading →

The Calm After the Storm…

R.I.P. I stumbled Upon myself thinking today, "One day I will be who I once was." Instantly, recognizing the falsehood  ringing along with it. This beat down, broken, put-back-together self can never be that again. That naïve, hopeful, unmarked, energy radiating, Dream-builder of a child. It’s like saying the chicken can go back into the... Continue Reading →

Getting My Training Wheels Off

 So this past week started off pretty well. I was super duper excited because I could slightly almost walk without crutches. I was the one crutch wonder for a bit there. I was determined to walk by the end of the week because I’m tired of sitting on my bum all day every day and... Continue Reading →

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